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How To Find Your Monitor Refresh Rate

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Amazon discounts must-have Dell and HP desktop monitors ā€“ The fantastic 24-inch Dell P2419H and 27-inch HP 27er desktop monitors are on sale at Best Buy for as low as $180.

However, leaks around the display on the Galaxy Note 20 phones, specifically the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, suggest that they will.

The refresh rate wars are getting to be insane these days with gaming monitors, and Acer is throwing its hat into the ring.

And you don’t have to rely just on us for the information that some FreeSync monitors work with G-Sync – Nvidia themselves.

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Smart TV specs can seem confusing, but once you understand what each number, measurement, and bit of jargon means, you can.

With 1440p still being the sweet spot for PC gaming, the arrival of the AOC Agon AG273QX monitor on my desk is a welcome.

Acer announced several new gaming monitors and accessories today. The Predator X25 gaming monitor has a 360Hz refresh rate and supports.

out the best monitor for your gaming setup.