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Nier Automata Keeps Crashing

Hey all! Tokyo Game Show is taking off as I write this (Wednesday night), and announcements streams are scheduled to move on for a few days. Sometimes I put off the column a piece when I recognize a few big.

With more NES and SNES video games to tuck into on Switch, lots of exhilaration around Super Mario three-D All-Stars and but another Nintendo lawsuit to tuck into, this week been some other busy affair.

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Emma was Eurogamer summer season intern in 2018 and we appreciated her so much we decided to preserve her. Now a totally-fledged reporter, she loves asking tough questions, smashing human beings at DDR and arguing.

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Exclusivity must be everlasting and now not timed (so we had to take away Nier: Automata whilst it released.

Er, without the threat of crashing (or the thousands and thousands of bucks theyd probable earn).

It goofy, kinky, darkish, and weird, which is already the sort of tonal mishmash Im normally down for in my artwork (my favorite video game of all time is NieR:Automata, in the end). Still.